About TIE

We champion and invest in the next generation of entrepreneurship

Inspired by the grit and long-term vision of our founders, TIE is a service organization dedicated to the future of entrepreneurship.

Our Roots

TIE was founded in 1992 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who immigrated from the Indus region of South Asia. TIE’s origins as “The Indus Entrepreneur” formed the foundation of a community built on the vision and values of its Indian-American pioneers. Since its founding, TIE has evolved to include people of all backgrounds as a truly diverse, global network and advocate for inclusion.

Our Vision

By assisting entrepreneurs, we believe we can empower individuals and create wealth in communities.

Our Values


Sharing resources and working for the collective good of the community.


Approaching relationships with a service mindset and committing to helping others.


Continually investing in mentorship and scholarship and celebrating achievement.

Our Chapter

Since its founding in 2012, TIE Tampa Bay has become Florida’s only active TIE chapter and a cornerstone of the area’s entrepreneurial growth. Our efforts focus on the next generation of entrepreneurship–one that is more multicultural, more female, and more global. It understands that technology is at the center of innovation and evolution. And it invests in young people and young ideas to fuel a virtuous cycle of prosperity.

Our Focus


Every entrepreneur should have the same opportunities, regardless of age, race, gender or background. So we elevate underrepresented entrepreneurs with the education and access to succeed.


Investing in early stage companies is essential to the health and wealth of the community. So we connect rising entrepreneurs and accredited investors through funding and mentorship programs.


An entrepreneur’s journey never ends, and their success is limitless. So we provide continued engagement and global connections to celebrate and advance their success.

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