The TiE Tampa chapter founded in 2012 is one of the fastest growing chapters in TiE Global ecosystem.. TiE Tampa fosters entrepreneurs in all industries, from ideation to exit, by providing access to funding, education, networking and mentoring by local and global leaders.

TiE Tampa is a nonprofit organization devoted to entrepreneurs in all industries at all stages. Our mission is to leverage the TiE Global reach to foster entrepreneurship though building a community, creating a learning platform, mentoring through authentic relationships and mission and ultimately promoting the formation of new ventures thus amplify the Tampa Bay entrepreneurial community.

TiE works synergistically with other entities (incubators, accelerators, co-work and university programs) bringing the combined strength of seasoned, successful entrepreneurs and business professionals with a desire to serve through time and financial investments.

TiE Tampa’s success is supported by its mentors, Charter Members, sponsors, members, volunteers, and board who foster entrepreneurship by:

  • Providing strategic, impactful and ongoing mentoring
  • Developing thoughtful and relevant programming
  • Providing access to industry leaders and community partners
  • Investing in upcoming startups to support entrepreneurs from ideation to exit

The heart of TiE Tampa’s efforts lies in its foundational programs offering what is most needed throughout the virtuous cycle of entrepreneurs starting from high school to exit. Programs include:

  • TYE- TiE Young Entrepreneurs
  • TiEFAN – TiE Florida Angels Network
  • TiE Talks – Educational Programs
  • TiEM2 – Mentor-Mentee Program
  • TiE Mixer – Networking Program
  • TiECON – Marquee Annual Conference

Get involved as a program participant, mentor, speaker or volunteer.You can email admin@tampa.tie.org to start the process.


The mission of TiE Tampa is to foster entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking, education, and funding. With a focus on giving back to the community, TiE Tampa’s focus is on generating and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.


By assisting entrepreneurs at all stages, TiE Tampa believes we can empower individuals and create wealth in communities.