Sponsorship in TiE Tampa Bay provides you an opportunity to market to an exciting world of entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders.

As A Sponsor:

  • Reach a new audience – you have special access to TiE’s Charter Members, an elite group of successful business leaders who believe that wealth generation is good when coupled with stakeholder maximization. Depending upon the sponsorship class you also get an opportunity to join mentoring events for entrepreneurs and startups, and to engage with the broader diaspora of entrepreneurs who participate in the many local TiE activities.
  • Increase your market share – by sponsoring industry-specific events, you put your brand’s name in front of potential clients, which helps you get ahead of the competition.
  • Communicate a message: You will have an opportunity to craft a message to our shared audience. Your brand logo is displayed at all or specific events.

TiE Tampa offers three classes of sponsorships:

  • Annual Sponsors
  • Event Sponsors
  • TiECON Sponsors

Partners help TiE Tampa support their mission to foster entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking, education and investing. Their support is critical in bringing the quality of programs to the Tampa Bay area. By working collaboratively, we capitalize on individual strengths to help startup entrepreneurs prosper and grow to their potential. thus making the entire ecosystem vibrant.

There are broadly three classes of partners:

  • Ecosystem partners
  • Investment Partners
  • Media Partners