The Power of Possibility


Our signature conference is a chance to celebrate all we’ve built, and lay the groundwork for our future. TIE has always been committed to the cycle of today’s entrepreneurs shaping tomorrow’s innovation. 

This year’s TIECON will highlight compelling truths about the entrepreneur’s journey, proving success is achieved when people are nurtured, provided access, and surrounded by a community.

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Past Speaker Spotlight

We have hosted some of the most influential voices in Tampa Bay, and from our global network.

Dr. Kiran Patel, Dr. Sheetal Patel and Shilen Patel

We’ll hear from two generations of the Patel family, known for their outstanding philanthropy, entrepreneurship and business success in Tampa Bay and around the world. This first-of-its-kind discussion will be moderated by Joe Hamilton of St. Pete Catalyst.

Dharti Desai

Ms. Desai joins us from TIE New York, known for her influence as a global pioneer of diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship. She empowers and advocates for women entrepreneurs and strives to create more equitable spaces within the industry.

Praveen Tailam and Kimba Williams

Mr. Tailam is a TIE Global leader and founder of Redtail Consulting, and is joined by Ms. Williams, TIE Access winner and Co-founder of Kushae. Together they'll highlight the power of a global network in today's ecosystem.

Ed Buckley, Mitchel Laskey, Shankar Ram, and Kathy Chiu

Investment pioneers, including TIE Global Trustee and Chair of TIE Global Angels, Shankar Ram, tackle the challenge of raising capital in a tight market.

TIECON is an International
TIE tradition

Over 100,000 people a year attend TIECONs hosted by chapters across the world. By connecting each community to leading entrepreneurs, thought leaders and investors, TIECON is an annual celebration and showcase of TIE’s mission and vision.

Over 10 Years of TIECON Tampa Bay